Flamingo Gardens Pictures
Art's Hobbit House


March 2018: Juan Andrade Workshop


March 2017: BBS Exhibit at Flamingo Gardens

February 2017: Randy Brooks Workshop


February  2016: Ed Trout Workshop

April 2016: Flamingo Gardens Annual Garden & Bonsai Show

June 2016: Pauline Muth Workshop

July 2016: quick stand and kusamono workshop

August 2016: Juan Andrade Workshop

September 2016: Sergio Luciani Workshop

October 2016: Toby Diaz Workshop

February 2015: Broward-Gold Coast Exhibit Flamingo Gardens
March 2015: Peter Tea Workshop
April 2015: Shimpaku by Heidi
May 2015: BSF Convention
June 2015: Rodney Clemons Workshop
July 2015: Hiram Macias Critique
August 2015: Ed Trout Workshop
September 2015: Joe Day Workshop
October 2015: Field Trip to visit Jarbas

February 2014: Broward-Gold Coast Exhibit Flamingo Gardens
February 2014: Companion plants from the Exhibit
February 2014: Suiseki at the Exhibit
April 2014: Workshop with Jim VanLandingham
May 2014: BSF Convention Exhibit Pictures
May 2014: Art's Video of the BSF 2014 Exhibit
May 2014: BSF Convention Workshops, Demos, etc.
June 2014: Workshop with David Easterbrook
June 2014: BBS exhibit at the Sunrise Japanese fest
July 2014: Display Presentation - Mike Sullivan
August 2014: Shitakusa workshop
August 2014: FELAB 2014, Puerto Rico
October 2014: Ed Trout workshop

February 2013: BBS Exhibit at Flamingo Gardens 
February 2013: National Arboretum Bonsai Display (Gail's pictures)
February 2013: National Arboretum Kusamono Display (Gail's pictures)
June 2013: Workshop with Nacho Marin
July 2013: Tropical Bonsai School Year 3
August 2013: Workshop with Mike Cartrett
September 2013: Workshop with Merv
September 2013: Art's video- Joy of Shohin exhibit
September 2013: Bonsai with Merv: BBS Workshop 1
September 2013: Bonsai With Merv-BBS Workshop Part 2
September 2013: Bonsai With Merv-BBS Workshop Part 3
November 2013: Workshop with Dan Robinson

January 2012: Workshop with Ben Oki
March 2012: Jim Smith Bonsai Gallery
April 2012: Broward Bonsai Members' Gallery
April 2012: Workshop with Ed Trout
May 2012: BSF Convention BYOT Workshop
May 2012: BSF Convention Exhibit pictures
May 2012: BSF Convention Exhibit Video by Art
June 2012: Rodney Clemons Workshop
June 2012: BBS at the Sunrise Japanese Festival
August 2012: Workshop with Toby Diaz

January 2011: Workshop with Ben Oki
February 2011: Kusamono Workshop with Art
March 2011: Podocarpus Workshop with Vlad
June 2011: Team Broward at the BSF Convention Club Night
June 2011: Workshop with Enrique Castaño
July 2011: Penjing Workshop with Team Broward

November 2011: Workshop with Dan Robinson

January 2010: Workshop with Ben Oki
February 2010: Merv's Juniper Workshop
March 2010: Dragon Tree Bonsai Field Trip
April 2010: Workshop with Randy Brooks
May 2010: BSF Convention - Trees on Display
May 2010: BSF Convention Artists and Others at Work
June 2010: Workshop with Lindsay Shiba
November 2010: Workshop with Robert Mueller

January 2009: Ben Oki Workshop
February 2009: Dragon Tree Bonsai Field Trip
April 2009: Ed Trout BYOT Workshop
May 2009: Dorothy and Ernie BYOT Workshop
June 2009: Lance Laney Workshop
August 2009: Mike Cartrett Workshop
September: Suthin Workshop
October 2009: BBS Show & Critique




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