The Broward Bonsai Society was formed in 2001 for both beginners and those with varying degrees of experience in bonsai.  Its sole purpose is to promote the study and understanding of the art of bonsai.  We encourage Bonsai enthusiasts to join our club and enjoy the many privileges our club has to offer.  

Demonstrations, speakers, workshops with both local and visiting masters, field trips, raffles, and many other activities are all part of the schedule. By virtue of joining the Broward Bonsai Society, your annual membership fee of $36* for single and $41 for family, will include the membership to the Bonsai Societies of Florida and you will receive a subscription to Florida Bonsai Magazine which is digitally published quarterly. If you already belong to another club with membership to the BSF, you can still join ours for a reduced fee of $21, individual.  See the EVENTS section for information about club activities.  Our Board meets every third Saturday** before a scheduled class at Flamingo Gardens (see below). ($36 fee prorated when joining July-Dec, see application) (**due to scheduling this varies; since our club has close ties with Flamingo Gardens, we strive to have club activities on the third Saturday of the month but this varies due to Flamingo Gardens scheduled events).


Many club members attend the Art of Bonsai, classes sponsored by Flamingo Gardens Educational Center, and meet at the Flamingo Gardens classroom. For more information about the classes, go to the Flamingo Garden's website. 

We welcome you to join us, it will be a great way to gain knowledge as well as make friends with mutual interests in this wonderful art.

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Contact us at:

Officers are:

Art Cid, President

Heidi Wellnitz, Vice-President

Carlos Berkowitz, 2nd Vice-President

Gail Santini, Secretary/Membership

Vicki Cozart, Treasurer

Jane Hanssen, Co-Treasurer

Applications may be mailed to:

Broward Bonsai Society

c/o Flamingo Gardens Education dept.

3750 S. Flamingo Road

Davie, FL 33330-1614