Broward Bonsai activities from 2017....

The Bud Shafer Memorial Bench at the Jim Smith Bonsai Gallery, Heathcote Botanical Gardens. Bench provided by donations from the Broward & Gold Coast Bonsai Societies.

 ​​Broward Bonsai welcomed back Randy Brooks, the juniper expert, for a workshop that was productive and informative....  one important lesson is not to keep your trees trimmed in a "show ready" state or it will be stressed.    See Juniper articles by Randy under 'Bonsai Education'.  see workshop photos here

Notes from the workshop - thank you Heidi for providing this information: 

Notes from Randy Brooks’ Workshop
When junipers (or other trees) are covered with white deposits from water fill a bucket or tub with water, add a few drops of muriatic acid. Dunk tree upside down into the solution. Junipers like the acid anyway.
Against spider mites: fill spray bottle with water, add 3 or 4 drops Superthrive. Spray junipers every day. Junipers like the Superthrive. Spider mites do not like to be wet.
In the heat of summer protect junipers against noonday sun. Pots gets too hot (and the roots can be damaged).
Trimming junipers: If you do not see long vigorous shoots do not trim the tree.  If you have long vigorous shoots wait to trim them until they are 5 - 6 inches long, then trim back to a branch with a new tip. Randy bends down the branch to find the new tip. Never, never pinch junipers. Always trim out to another tip. The strength of the juniper is in growing tips all over.
Weak branches/runts will never get strong. Remove them, as they take away strength.
Stressed trees: only remove about 10% of foliage. Healthy trees 30%.
Repotting: never use rake like tool to untangle the roots. Use a bamboo or metal shop stick or a bent hook with one tine. 
Junipers like to be tight in the pot. Placing them in a large pot might cause over watering, keeping the roots too wet. If you trimmed branches wait  a couple of weeks before reporting. Keep the temperature in mind. After repotting, fertilize. The new potting soil contains zero nutrients. 
Creating Jinn: Randy nicked the branch, then broke it off. He likes to wait a few weeks before removing the rest of the bark. He also mentioned never to make a round circle around the base of the branch with a sharp object. Rather pull the bark off into the trunk or branch. 
Never cut small branches off completely. Leave a small stub, otherwise it will become a hole.
Fertilizer: Randy believes that Miracle Grow is as good as organic fertilizer. Always use liquid fertilizer. Make a tea out of organic fertilizer and use on plants/ junipers.  To make a tea, use Hydroponics juice and Alfalfa balls. 
Copper wire: Randy preferred large rounds of copper wire. Smaller wound wire needs to be unbent, thus hardening the wire again.
Deer Meadow is his supplier of copper wire.
When planting cuttings into growing medium plant them at an angle. 

Photos from the Broward Bonsai Society can be viewed here:

 WEATHER: Lauderdale​​

RANDY BROOKS - February 2017


BONSAI, both an art form and horticulture...

A sample of photos from our workshop...


The Broward Bonsai Society was pleased to host a program to honor Ed Trout at the opening of our exhibit at Flamingo Gardens.  This was the idea of Lee Stockdale, President of the Gold Coast Bonsai Society, as Ed is planning a move away from south Florida.  Ed's extended family was present as well as many of the friends he met during his continuing bonsai journey. ​​


Bonsai Tip: Rainy season can bring an excessive growth of moss and hiding in that moss can be the formation of a dark jelly-like mass called slime mold....  read more about this plant like parasite here

Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an art form similar to painting, music, and sculpture which provides each of us with an opportunity to demonstrate our creative expression and horticultural techniques. Bonsai, translated literally from Japanese, means “tree in a tray”. It can be considered 50% art form and 50% horticulture.

A sample of photos from our workshop...

BSF CONVENTION 2017 ​- a sampling of photos,  

BROWARD BONSAI EXHIBIT March 11-12, 2017                                            AT THE FLAMINGO GARDENS ANNUAL GARDEN SHOW AND BONSAI EXHIBIT   

Click here to SEE OUR TREES....    ​Over 40 trees were exhibited, see sample below


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